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For users with paid accounts (Homesteader and above), we have launched an additional service which is a very useful tool for researching, building and working with projects. The Tax parcel search allows you to search for properties by location data, APN (assessor's parcel number), or owner data. As is the case for the PLSS database, a paid user can also search for a property shape on the map. Simply click on a point on the map. The Farmapper service will go to work searching for a mapping polygon shape and allow the user to add it to the project by selecting it. The owner APN (Assessor Parcel Number) information about it will be displayed. Where available, the service also allows you to download two documents (at an additional fee) for each property: an assessor map and the last transfer Deed document. This is not a substitute for a legal survey or title insurance, but is very useful in prospecting and quickly building land project shapes.

Searching Tax Parcel

Parcels search using a search engine. To start the search, tap on the "Inputs" button to expand dropdown list and tap "Tax parcel search" or select “Tax parcel on map mode” on the list Figure 1.

If you select "Tax parcel search", the “Tax Parcel Search” window will be displayed Figure 2.

To search for real estate you must enter at least one of the parameters; APN, Zip code, Street number, Street name, First name, Last name. It is normally very useful, to first narrow down the search to a specific state and county.

For your convenience, you only need to enter part of the data. In the case of APN, you can choose whether to search for items that are equal or starting with the value you entered. For other parameters (Street and Name), you also have the option "Contains" for the entered value. After tapping "search" you will see a list Figure 3. that meets your criteria. If the list is too long, specify the criteria to narrow the results.

You can also add a parcel directly from the map by tapping on a point. To do this, you must select the "Tax parcel on map mode" option in the "Action" menu [Figure 1]. In Tax parcel mode you cannot add other PLSS polygons from the map (allotments, qq sections) but you can turn off Tax parcel mode at any time by tapping in the upper left corner of the map Figure 4 and return to the PLSS search.

Assessor map and Deed document

After adding the Tax parcel to the tract list and displaying its details on the map or in “Edit tract” mode from tract list, you can see that there are two documents (if they are available) that can be downloaded and added to the tract Figure 5. These documents are Assessor map and Deed document. Downloading the Assessor map is free for the first 5 documents in a month (for Homesteader tier and above), downloading the last transfer deed document costs $8.

The downloaded documents are attached to the tract and you will find them in the tract window on the map Figure 6 or in “Edit tract” mode from tract list.

Tax Parcel Search Feedback

We are really excited about this offering and will continue to endeavor to keep adding features to Farmapper that make it easy for farmers, ranchers and landowners to put their farm on the map. We ask that you please share your experience with us at We will invariably have some issues with this new feature and the best way to make Farmapper better for everyone is for folks to let us know what they love and what they wish was better. Also please let us know if you want additional functionality.

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