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It is optional to register with Farmapper in order to use the Farmapper application. However, creating an account gives you many more features and options. As a registered user, you get the following:

  • You can create and manage projects that you can save and return to whenever you want with all your data and documents stored in the cloud.

  • You get access to the township, range, section overlay grid, to visually locate properties by legal description.

  • The ability to generate and see the USDA CropScape imaging layer for past years for the project.

  • As a registered user, you not only have access to see all Farmapper Channel listings but you can add your own.

  • Activates more map search options.

  • Registered users can earn bonus projects and storage when you actively use the application and trigger the rewards.

  • Collaborate and share your projects with others and you have access to many other useful options.

To use the application as a registered user, you must have an account in at least one of the internet social media such as Google (Gmail), Facebook or Twitter.

Login methods

To start using the application, click on one of the "Go to the app" or "Try it out" buttons on the application's home page Figure 1.

The login window will then open. You have two options. First in order to try the application without logging in, click "Try without signing in". This option allows you to use the application but you will not have access to most of the functionality, you will be able to see the listings of other users, but only those that are public, you will not be able to see those listings that are restricted Figure 2.

Have you started working with the application without signing in? And now you decide to log in just click "Log in with social account" and choose one of the three logging methods Figure 3.

If you want to start working with the application as a registered user, click on one of the social media buttons (Google, Facebook or Twitter). If you choose to log in with Google, the Google login window will appear, to log in to Farmapper you need to log in to Google first. If you choose to log in using Facebook or Twitter and you are already logged in to Facebook or Twitter, you will immediately go to the application. If you are not logged in you will see a login window for Facebook or Twitter and after logging in you will go to the application as a registered user. If you choose a different email account to register, you will need to enter your full name and create a password Figure 2.

If you have created an account on social networks without using an email address then if you log in to the Farmapper application using these accounts, we will not get information about your email address. Then you will see a message in which we will explain to you the missing contact information and we will ask you for your e-mail address Figure 4. Make sure that the e-mail address provided is correct because you will receive a message to the address you provided with a link confirming your email address. This allows Farmapper to send periodic email about new features and updates and it allows registered Farmapper users to contact via a listing inquiry. This enables the creation of a listing (for example Hay for Sale) where the email address of the creator is not published, and other registered users can contact the listing creator through the service.

In order to log in to Farmapper, you must click on the link received in the message Figure 5. If you do not see our email in your mailbox, you can click "Send email with confirmation link again" and we will send you an email again with a confirmation link. If you still do not see the message from us, check the contents of the SPAM folder.

Merging accounts

Do you use several accounts in the Farmapper application? Would you like to merge these accounts into one? Nothing easier. The tool for merging accounts can be found in the "Settings menu" find "Merge with another account" and select the login method appropriate for the second account you want to join to the current one Figure 6. After logging in to it both accounts will be merged. It is not possible to disconnect accounts. After the merger, the new account will have access to projects from both merged accounts. If the merged accounts had different subscription plans before merging, both accounts will have the same plan and it will be the plan that was higher. After merging the accounts, the bonuses from both accounts will also be added, however, the number of bonuses will not be higher than the limit for each type of bonus.

Figure 6: Merging accounts - click to enlarge

Deleting accounts

If you do not want to use Farmapper anymore, or for any other reason you would like to delete your account from Farmapper, please send us an email with a request to delete the account to:

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