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You have already created your own Farmapper project. Now you want to share it with others to show someone your project details or you want someone to contribute to the project with you. Maybe you are thinking about selling a farm and want to throw up a virtual due diligence room. In all these cases and more, using the private sharing function for your projects is a great way to bring folks together to work on a project.

Share your farm

To make project sharing available, click on the "Projects" button Figure 1 and The "project" window will open in the "Your projects" tab. Here you can share your project with others Figure 2.

Sharing your project privately is easy following some very simple steps:

  • Select from the "Share project" drop-down list the project that you want to share.

  • Enter the email address of the person you want to share the project with in the "with user" bar. Double check that the email address you entered is correct.

  • Do you want the person to be able to make changes to your project? If so check "Can modify". If you do not want to give permissions to make changes to your project, check the "Readonly" option.

  • Last thing to do is to click "Share". When you share a project with another registered user, he will receive a message stating that they have received permissions to the project.

If you share your project with someone who is not yet a registered user of Farmapper, they will receive an email that a project has been shared and also the following message: "In order to get the access you just have to create an account here". Clicking on the link, a window will appear that allows the user that the project was shared with to register via one of three applications: Google, Facebook or Twitter or via other email Figure 3. Now they create an account by choosing the login method and they can view your project. The project is found in “Manage” and the "Shared with you" tab. Projects owned by you are in “Your Projects”. Projects that are owned by others, but shared with you are in “Shared with you”.

When you share a project with someone, this person's email address appears in the "Project shared with" list at the bottom of the project sharing window Figure 4. Next to each email address on the list there is an "Actions" button. When you click it, a list with two functions will expand. The first function "Change to" is used to change the permissions from "Readonly" to "Can modify" or from "Can modify" to "Readonly", the second function is "Remove" the share allowing you to stop sharing a given project and revoke the privileges.

Where the user can find projects shared by other users

When a Farmapper project has been shared, the user can find it in the "Shared with you" tab in the "Projects" window Figure 5. On the list, you can find information about who shared the project. On the right side of each project from the list has two buttons: "Select" and "Rename". After clicking "Select" the project will be displayed. After using the "Rename" button, the user will be moved to the window in which the project's name can be changed in the "Rename project" bar. At the end, you just have to click the "Rename" button and the name of the project will be changed.

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