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As you know Texas does things its own way. As its own nation it was not part of the PLSS rectangular survey for the most part and is a hodgepodge of surveys. Fortunately, Farmapper has added the Original Texas Survey data to its database to assist in jump starting your Texas projects. Using that database you can add any Texas survey abstract shapes to your farm. As is stated elsewhere, this not a legal description and should not be relied upon as such, but is useful in location and general mapping purposes.

TX survey parcel identification

Our system identifies every abstract by the 3 main attributes:

  • County name, for example "Angeline"

  • County, for example 005

  • Abstract, for example 132

On our items list display this example is represented as "TX survey Angelina 005 132"

Searching for surveys on the map by clicking on point

When you click any point placed in Texas on the map it sends the query to our backend system with the coordinates of the clicked point. When we find any Texas survey abstract, which contains this location, we will display it. We also display a box with TX survey description. There is a link inside it which allows you to add this TX survey to your current farm or ranch. Figure 1

Searching for allotments using a dialog

When you open Figure 2 this dialog you should see something similar to Figure 3. You can search surveys by their 3 main attributes. Our database is also searchable using the following additional attributes:

  • Survey Name/Block Description

  • Block

  • Survey/Selection

  • Sub-Survey Name

  • Mineral/Scrap file

You can mark any found surveys for addition or removal just by checking or unchecking them. You should be aware that nothing is changed until you click Save button. You can also discard any changes using Cancel button.

You can see a list of changes waiting for save in pending changes area on the right. It contains a list of added and removed abstracts. You can remove changes from this list using x button. Farmapper didn’t want to leave out Texas and with the Original Texas Survey added to the shape database it makes adding your Texas project to Farmapper a snap.

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