Publishing to the Web


Do you want to share your Farmapper project with others on the web, even unregistered users? Bringing your farm project to its own web URL is easily done with the publishing tool. Quickly generate a link to your project to share with anyone you want. You can also publish the link on Facebook, send via email or twitter. Anyone will be able to see your farm project and documents that has the web link without logging into the Farmapper application.

Publishing to the Web user guide

To publish your farm, tap on the "Projects" button to expand dropdown list and select „Publish project” from the list Figure 1. You will be moved to the publish project window Figure 2.
Figure 1: Projects menu
Publishing is completed following these very simple steps in the project publishing window.
  • Select which project to publish to the web using the "Publish project" drop-down list.
  • Give the published project a name by entering the publish name or description for your project. This value isn’t visible to your end users, but allows you to differentiate between different public links to the same project. For example you can have a link for your family and friends and another one you share with potential buyers. If you later decide that you no longer want to sell your farm, then you can just delete the link for buyers and your family and friends will still know how to access your farm data without signing up to Farmapper. Of course it is even better if they do sign up, as then you will be able to use “Private sharing” instead of using a public link.
  • Broadcast your link far and wide when publishing your project using your Facebook account. To do so just check "Post on Facebook". Here you can also choose if Farmapper should remember your decision in the future. Now just tap "Publish".
Figure 2: Project publishing window
If you have decided to publish on Facebook, the publication window will be displayed Figure 3. Tap "Post" and the entry about your farm will be in the publications on your Facebook account.
Figure 3: Publishing on Facebook
After tapping "Publish" you will see below in the project publishing window a list of "Published links" Figure 4. Next to each item on the list you will see buttons: "Open", "Show link", "Remove" and "Share on Facebook / Shared on Facebook". After tapping on "Open" a new browser window will open and you will see your project in it. When you use the "Show link" button, you'll see a window with a link to your project. You can copy it and share it, eg by sending email to whomever you want. "Remove" is used to delete the link to your project. The link generated earlier will no longer work. If you did not check "Post on Facebook" when publishing and you want to post on facebook later, you can do it anytime you like by tapping on "Share on Facebook". If your post is already published on Facebook, in the place of the "Share on Facebook" button you will find the information "Shared on Facebook".
Figure 4: Published links
Farmapper is built to enable the easy publishing and broadcasting of projects that are created by its users. These tools allow the community to easily collaborate and use the digital map of your farm as you choose.