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Does your farm contain areas from which you need to cut out some fragments? We have a tool for you that will allow you to do it.

Drawing and holes menu

In the upper left corner, there is a button "Start drawing hole(s)". Click it and you will see the holes menu with two buttons "Save hole(s)" and "Cancel changes". In the middle, at the top of the map, you will also see the drawing menu and in it two buttons to draw "Draw a shape" and "Draw a rectangle" Figure 1. It is not possible to cut circular shaped holes.

To start cutting holes, click "Start drawing hole(s)". Choose whether you want to cut out a rectangular fragment or any polygon.

Cutting polygonal holes "Draw a shape"

If your hole should be polygonal, select "Draw a shape" at the top of the map and start drawing. Cutting holes with the "Draw a shape" tool is very simple and works the same way as when creating areas. Click on the map where you want to find the first vertex of the hole's polygon. By clicking on the next vertices you will create lines that these vertices will connect. Double-clicking on the last vertex causes the first vertex to be connected to the last one closing the created shape in the polygon Figure 2.

When you use drawing tool, in the upper left corner you can see a yellow window with three parameters of the drawn hole:


  • The distance between the beginning and the end of the currently drawn line is measured in feet or meters.


  • Information in which direction of the world (N, S) and at what angle you draw, it is expressed in degrees.


  • The area of your hole expressed in acres (ac) or hectares (ha).

The area and the distance can be specified in two different units depending on your choice. To change units click Settings and select Account settings Figure 3.

In the Display tab you will see "Display unit system" Figure 4. Select Imperial and the application will use feets and acres (ac) units if you choose Metric your units will be meters and hectares (ha).

When your polygon-shaped hole is ready click "Save hole(s)" to save changes Figure 5.

If you want to cancel the hole you cut, just click "Cancel changes" and the cut out will return to the map.

Cutting using the "Draw a rectangle" tool

If you want to cut a rectangular fragment in your farm, it's very easy to do it using the "Draw a rectangle" tool Figure 6. Remember to start by clicking "Start drawing hole(s)" in the upper left corner of the map. Now you can choose the "Draw a rectangle" button which is in the centre at the top of the map.

Drawing rectangular holes is very simple and it works in the same way as in the case of creating rectangular areas on the map.

Choose a place on the map that will be one corner of your hole, click and drag the cursor to the desired size, release the mouse button and the hole will be cut.

Is the rectangular fragment that you want to cut ready? Click "Save hole(s)" to save changes Figure 7. If you want to cancel the hole you cut, just click "Cancel changes" and the cut out will return to the map.

Remove hole(s)

Have you already cut a hole in the course and want to remove it? You can do it any time, nothing simpler, just click on this tract in the tracts menu or on the map. Then you will see a label with information about the tract on the map. Here you can find "Remove hole(s)" Figure 8. Just click on this inscription and all previously cut fragments will return to the tract and the tract will again have its original shape.

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