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We have added another function "Map Embedding” allowing Farmapper maps to be placed into your website. It’s an easy two step process:

1. First generate a preview image of your map in our application.

2. Then add the image to your site, where every user will be able to access your Farmapper project quickly.

Generating the map

To generate embed, tap the Projects button to expand projects menu and select Generate embedded Figure 1.

In the Generate Embedded window you can choose the size of your map image, there are three sizes; small (150x150), medium (300x300), and large (450x450). There is also a customizable size by selecting the "Custom" option. After selecting the size, tap Generate Embedded Figure 2.

After generating the image, Farmapper generates HTML code which will embed it properly on your site Figure 3. Copy and Paste to your site.

If you have generated previous embeds, you will see a list of them in the Generate Embedded window. After tapping Show code next to the selected embedding, you will see this code above Figure 4.

Of course you can also delete any generated embed and any references to it from your site will stop working.

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