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With the help of Farmapper, you can create vibrant and dynamic projects for your farms, you can also add and browse Farmapper listings using the "Channels" panel. For most users a single farm project is enough for their use case for sharing with other farmers, landlords, and agricultural professionals. For power users, it is useful to manage multiple farm projects. Different farm projects enable the user to keep track of different projects and save them efficiently in the Cloud. If you are a power data user and own or manage many farms and want to manage them efficiently, we have prepared several subscription plans for you.

Subscription plans

We have prepared four subscription plans for you. You can find them in two places. Below we will show you how to easily manage your subscriptions.

The first way to find them by clicking the "Pricing" button on the Farmapper homepage Figure 1. The page with the prepared plans will then be opened. Here you can familiarize yourself with the plans and choose one of them that is the best fit. At this stage you do not have to be logged in. Only when you choose the best plan for you you will be asked to log in.

If you are a registered and logged in user, you can find the subscription plans in the “Settings” menu by clicking on "Account settings". When you select "Account settings" in the "Settings" menu the "Account settings" window will open Figure 2. At the bottom you will see the "Manage plan" button, click on it and you will see the available subscription plans.

We have prepared four subscription plans, so that you can choose the plan for your needs: Pioneer, Homesteader, Land Baron and Unlimited Figure 3. Each of the plans has specific parameters:

  • Number of projects means the number of projects you can create.

  • Storage for documents means how much space is available for documents (files) you can upload to your projects.

  • Prices from free in the Pioneer plan to $500 per year for the Unlimited plan. For plans, prices are determined in two time periods, monthly and yearly. Decide which one you prefer depending on whether you use our website periodically or annually. Of course, buying yearly access in a selected plan is more economical.

Once you've decided which plan you choose, click "Buy". At this point, if you are not logged in yet, you will be prompted to login. After logging in, you will be asked to enter your credit card details, number and expiration date. If you are a registered and logged user and you have a registered credit card on your account, then the process of changing (buying) the subscription plan will complete without asking for any additional details.

Account settings window

If you want to check what your plan is and what portion of it you have used, select "Account Settings" in "Setting" menu Figure 4. There you will find all the information:

  • Your current plan shows you which subscription plan you are using.

  • The number of the used projects shows you how many projects you have created and how many projects you can create in total. You may have more projects than your plan allows if you created them before we introduced paid plans or if you downgraded. In that case all your projects will stay, but you will not be able to create new ones until you upgrade to a higher tier.

  • Used storage, Number of documents shows two values, the first one tells you how much storage you use, the second tells you how many files you have uploaded.

  • Last 4 digits of your credit card contain information about your registered credit card. At this point, you can always change your credit card by clicking "Update with new credit card" or delete your registered credit card by clicking "Remove all information about credit card". If you do not have any registered credit card in this place you can see "Register credit card" just click on it and you will see registering card window.


In our service, the payments apply to subscription plans and listings. You must know that on our website the only available form of payment is payment by credit card. It is a very simple and at the same time secure form of payment. All your data is processed by Stripe and we never have any access to your credit card details.

The easiest way to register your credit card is in the "Account settings" window in the "Settings" menu. Click "Register credit card" enter the card number and expiry date and click "Register". Having a registered credit card makes it very easy to use our website. First of all, to change the subscription plan, simply select a new one. When you add listings to your projects, you do not have to enter your credit card either. All payments will be collected and implemented once a month. If a Farmapper channel listing price is $0 you don’t even need a credit card to add it. In other cases the credit card is required. We will use the same one you added for your subscription payment. We don’t charge you for every listing. We batch several listings into a single monthly payment, together with a subscription. The only exception is if you add so many listings that the amount due is bigger then 100 USD. We charge immediately in this case. Remember that to be able to use the payment option, adding listings or buying plans you must be a registered / logged user.

  • Pending payments for the listings

Payments for listings are usually collected once a month. In "Account settings" in "Setting" menu you can find a list of unpaid listings Figure 5. Two values "Next invoice" and "Suspended" can appear in the "Status" column.

The "Next invoice" means it is unpaid and will be added and paid on the next invoice.

  • Problems with payments (credit card)

It may happen that there will be problems with the payment due to irregularities with your credit card. The most common reasons for problems with a credit card are when it expires, or there is not enough credit line. This situation will cause three things:

First of all, in the "Account settings" window at the top you can see a message that informs you that there was a problem with payment for a monthly subscription plan and / or invoice Figure 6 Figure 8. This may result in blocking access to projects. To solve this problem you must provide a valid credit card by clicking "Update with new credit card".

After this operation, the problem will be resolved, the error message will disappear, and you will get full access to the Farmapper site according to your subscription plan.

If the payment status for the listing is "Suspended” it means that there were problems while trying to pay invoice Figure 7. Listings that have suspended status are hidden, which means they are not displayed in the "Channels" mode. This is indicated by the message displayed above the list of listings Figure 8. After the payment problem has been resolved the listings are reactivated and their expiration date is moved by the number of days when the listing was suspended.

The "Pay invoices" button can be used for two purposes. First, if you do not want to wait for an automatic monthly payment and the second, if your credit card is valid and correctly registered, but you did not have the funds that were already secured.

As long as there are problems, you will not be able to add a new listing. The message displayed in the "Listings" window informs you about this Figure 8.

After registering a new, correct credit card a window will appear with a message in which you can read that the problems with payment (by credit card) are already resolved Figure 9. Now you can add more listings.

Earn Free Projects and Storage with Bonuses

If you are an active user of the Farmapper application, we have prepared some very attractive bonuses for you to earn additional projects and storage for free. These rewards are for sharing Farmapper and helping build the community. These bonuses will increase the number of projects that you can add for free or increase the storage of your documents added to projects.

All information about the number of additional projects or additional data storage can be found in two places.

First, in the "Billing" tab in the "Account settings" window, you can check the total number of bonuses granted to you in both the number of projects and storage space Figure 10.

More detailed information can be found in the "Bonuses" tab in the "Account settings" window Figure 11. You'll see there why you have received every bonus. This information is divided into sections describing every bonus type.

Each time you receive a bonus you will be notified via email. By default, notifications are enabled, but you can disable it at any time by clicking on the "Disable notification" button at the bottom of the "Account settings" window in the "Bonuses" tab or in notification email by clicking the link.

Disabling notifications is reversible, which means that you can restore them at any time by clicking the "Enable notification" button at the bottom of the "Account settings" window in the "Bonuses" tab.

Each time you receive a bonus you will be notified via email. By default, notifications are enabled, but you can disable it at any time by selection "Disabled" at the top of the "Account settings" window in the “Bonuses” or "Notifications" tabs or in notification email by clicking the link.

Disabling notifications is reversible, which means that you can restore them at any time by selection "Enabled" at the top of the "Account settings" window in the “Bonuses” or "Notifications" tabs.

How can you receive free projects and storage bonuses?

  • Bonuses for referring Farmapper to others.

In order to receive rewards for referring the app to other users they have to sign up to Farmapper using your referral link. You will find it in the "Bonuses" tab in "Account settings" window. It’s up to you how you distribute this link. For each person signup up using your referral link you receive 1 additional free project. You can get up to 20 additional projects using this method.

  • Bonuses for sharing the projects.

If you (share a project) Private sharing guide you will get 1 additional free project in your account. The bonus is awarded when you share the project with other existing Farmapper users. If you share with somebody, who hasn’t signed up yet, you will receive the bonus when he accepts your invitation and signs up. You can get up to 5 additional projects by simply sharing your existing project.

  • Bonuses for creating Farmapper Channel listings.

When you create and publish a listing in Farmapper Channels Channels Guide you will receive 1 additional project that is available for your account. You can get up to 20 additional projects using this method.

  • Bonuses for publishing on social media.

When you share (a project) Publishing Guide or (a listing) Channels Guide on social media like Facebook or Twitter you will receive an additional 1 GB of storage available. It can be received only once for Facebook and once for Twitter, so you can get up to 2 GB of storage this way.

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